What is the difference between Platform Engineering and PlatformOps?

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What is the difference between Platform Engineering and PlatformOps?

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Platform Engineering focuses on the development and maintenance of the underlying infrastructure and frameworks that support software applications. Picture it as building the sturdy foundation of a house before you start adding rooms and decorations. Platform engineers are like the architects and builders who design and construct this foundation, ensuring it's robust, scalable, and capable of supporting various applications and services.

On the other hand, PlatformOps, often referred to as Platform Operations, is more about the ongoing management and optimization of the platform once it's up and running. Think of it as the maintenance crew and facility managers who ensure everything keeps running smoothly after the construction phase. PlatformOps teams handle tasks like monitoring performance, managing deployments, implementing updates and patches, and troubleshooting issues to keep the platform healthy and operational.

To illustrate the difference further, let's consider a scenario involving mobile app development. In this context, Platform Engineering would be responsible for setting up the infrastructure and tools needed for building and testing mobile apps. They might establish frameworks for cross-platform development, integrate with mobile SDKs, and configure CI/CD pipelines tailored to mobile app workflows.

Meanwhile, PlatformOps would take over once the mobile app is deployed to production. Their role might involve monitoring the app's performance, ensuring high availability, and managing the infrastructure that hosts the app, such as cloud servers or container orchestration platforms. They would handle tasks like scaling resources based on demand, applying security patches, and responding to incidents or outages promptly to minimize downtime for the mobile application.

So, while Platform Engineering lays the groundwork and builds the platform, PlatformOps keeps it running smoothly and optimally over time. Both are crucial aspects of supporting software development, ensuring that applications are not only developed efficiently but also operate reliably in production environments.

What are your thoughts on the differences between Platform Engineering and PlatformOps, especially in the context of mobile application development?